Consumers to Benefit from Easier Broadband & Landline Switching


Bluecube understand that Ofcom have announced new easier and convenient ways for consumers to change landline and broadband providers. The process for consumers to switch providers until now has been difficult and complicated with different processes involved depending on what or who you are switching to. Previously the customer has had to request a change from their current provider, this has given the opportunity for providers to delay, disrupt or put the consumer under pressure to stay with them.

To resolve this Ofcom have decided to apply a single switching process in which the new provider will lead the transfer process on behalf of the consumer, under this 'gaining provider led' process which is already in use for most of the landline and broadband switches consumers will not need to contact their provider to receive a code in order to switch.

Under the switching process the providers will have to

  • Keep a record of every customer's consent for any switch to protect them from being deliberately transferred to a different provider without consent – a practice known as 'slamming'.
  • Improve their use of certain processes to prevent against consumers losing service when changing provider, particularly when switching landline and broadband services together;
  • Mitigate against consumers having their lines switched accidentally during house-moves, by only placing an order to take over communications services at the new property once they have an exact match for that address.
  • Consumers moving out of the address where services are due to be taken over must also be notified by their own provider; and
  • Give consumers better information on the implications of changing provider, such as early termination charges, so they can make informed decisions on whether to switch.
Ofcom hopes to finalise this by 2014 with the new process coming into effect within the following year. Ofcom’s next steps will be to ensure consumers are better protected against having their lines switched in error , employ further improvements to processes for landline and broadband switches between different network types (e.g. to and from the cable network). They may also review TV and mobile switching processes.

Today’s statement and consultation can be found on-line (

Bluecube currently work hard to ensure minimal or no loss of service during Broadband transfers and welcome any changes that Ofcom can implement to ensure zero loss of service.

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