Bluecube have a range of IP, Digital and Analogue voice solutions to suit any business

Voice Solutions

Calls & Rental

Bluecube provide a range of voice services from traditional analogue and digital lines to IP based services:

  • Analogue lines
  • ISDN2e
  • ISDN30e
  • SureNet
  • SIP
  • Silverline – hosted telephony

Bluecube offer highly competitive tariffs for business line rental and calls. Couple our tariffs together with our market leading billing tools and our first class customer service and moving your landline services to Bluecube becomes a very easy decision to make.


Yealink T48


Bluecube's inbound call solutions can actually generate revenue for your business, our NGN (Non-geographical Number) services will not only give you a national presence but generate incoming call revenue. We can also give you a dialling code presence anywhere in the United Kingdom. To find out more and speak to an advisor on our sales team please call 01522 717750 or alternatively fill in the enquiry form on this page.

Low Cost Rental
Cheap Calls
Free Online Billing
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Billing Options

Our bespoke and flexible approach to client billing formats is one of Bluecube's unique benefits. We provide billing information on paper, in PDF format via email and online. Clients can decide which format or formats they would like to receive their billing information in and can structure their invoice format as required. Clients can also have cost centres added to meet their own account requirements.

Bluecube's customer billing portal gives business customers the option to access an archive of historic invoices and view un-billed call data. Whilst the billing portal is not real time data should usually be available within between 8 and 12 hours, giving clients the ability to get a snap shot of the current month with some accuracy.

Clients can add various levels of access to the billing portal so that, for example, a Director can access all information, a manager can access just their department or team and an end user can view only their own information.

Clients can also set up various alerts and thresholds to allow them to control their business expenditure.


Invoice Examples


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Single Business Line

  • 1 Channel.
  • Service Level 2
  • Broadband, fax or voice line
  • Card machine/payment terminal
  • Alarm Line

Multi-Analogue Line

  • Up to 5 channels
  • Service Level 2
  • Multiple calls with 1 number
  • Free transfer of service
  • Easily Expanded


  • Up to 8 channels
  • Service level 2
  • DDI numbers
  • Free transfer of service
  • Multiple calls

SIP Trunks

  • Unlimited Channels
  • Flexible & Scalable service
  • Easily Maintained.
  • Credit Locking
  • Disaster recovery


  • Up to 30 channels
  • Service level 2
  • DDI numbers
  • Keep your number
  • Minimum of 8 channels


  • Up to 50 channels
  • Includes internet
  • Service level 4 (6 hour fix)
  • Fast & reliable internet connection
  • ISDN30 replacement

"Thanks to Bluecube for helping to revolutionise the way we do business"

Nick James,
Managing Director, Attentive Care Experts